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Meraki (Mεράκι) (n.) The soul, love or creativity put into something

It took me years to find the right word to capture those I love, and the scenes, songs, countries, and people which have captivated my soul. It is these elements which one channels into the work they do with deep passion—Meraki. The essence of my heart which lends itself to each word I write. Words scrawled on grainy piece of paper during summers since childhood, atop a ship in the middle of the Aegean Sea. The world's shades of color in every photo taken. The things I taste, smell, touch, breathe, and live.

As a Greek-American, Greece is my deepest inspiration. Meraki is a Greek-inspired collection of stories, photos and roots. A tale of a home in two countries, for anyone who has ever felt like their soul lies across the ocean.



the blog


Kalimera, Nafplio: Traditional Breakfast in Greece

The early morning light was enough to bathe the alleys in a soft glow the color of a seashell’s inner hollow, found on the shores nearby. Tucked away amongst Nafplio’s Old Town stands a small cafe bursting with big flavor: Kalimera.

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my notebook

Moments and experiences in the country I love. The world’s shades of color in every photo taken. The things I taste, smell, touch, breathe, and live.


To Paros with Love

With only 22 hours on Paros before my flight back to Boston, I tried to capture a glimmer of the island in the fleeting moments I had.


My Greece, My Love

Heart pounding, flushed cheeks, lump in my throat. I see its rippled aqua waters and rugged mountainous peaks from the friend, my soulmate, the one who I’ve been through so much with.


Mykonos: A Story Without Words

Take a glimpse of a the island of Mykonos (known to Greeks as "Mykono" ;) with people I love dearly. So many fleeting moments I tried to capture, color, flavors, those I met along the way whose stories inspired me. There is so much to say, but always never enough. Instead, enjoy these snapshots of minutes through my eyes.

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