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Chasing Your Creative Essence

It's been way too long since I've updated (stay tuned for more this summer!), but I constantly have thoughts, ideas, stories, poems, and memories flashing through my mind and bursting to the surface of my bandwidth spacial radar (are any of those real words...?). I recently started my dream job for an incredible company (is it real?), and have been waiting for a moment to write. Eventually these words become so ready to be put to paper, that something I read or hear resonates with me and bursts these words to the surface, refusing to suppressed and forcing me to sit and get started.

I read an article today which made me stop short. It was about how we have two halves of our brains, and they both need to work together in order for us to feel balanced. The right side digs deep into our subconscious, into a place which calls us to explore our inner forest of depth, emotion, intrigue, and wonder. It is the core of who we are as our most un-complex beings. It’s a place that may call some of us more loudly than others, and we need to cultivate it in order to feel complete, whole, and compassionate as humans. For me, this depth has called me ever since I can remember. It is a hunger, a passion, a myth, a desire, an ache that always begs to be further explored. And, only gets fully uncovered and fulfilled in Greece. It is something I will never be able to put to words.

What is your depth? Where do you lose yourself? Where does your forest lead you, when you allow yourself to run free, unhinged, and breathless in its greenery? Perhaps you end up on the shore of a neighboring town, or maybe, you sail across the world. In the blink of an eye, in the flash of an instant, in the blue of a rain puddle or the smog of a dusty, morning commute, we can find ourselves deeper in another universe more magnificent beyond our wildest dreams. And that is where our creative subconscious lies. The one we all have within us, the one which completes the other half of our brains, our souls, and our hearts.

Allow yourself to get lost, to be free, to be real. Write, create, and breathe in the air of this perfect June evening. Pray, be still, and follow your thoughts as they rumble around in your brain.

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