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To Paros with Love

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

With only 22 hours on Paros before my flight back to Boston, I tried to capture a glimmer of the island in the fleeting moments I had. The 8 am shadow scorching my neck, I raced to Naoussa harbor as fast as my worn, leather sandals could carry me.

The ferry would depart to Athens in one hour. One hour to engrain every crash of a breaking taverna plate, child's laugh, the squinted glance of a fisherman, on film. Camera in one hand, trying to tame the hair in my face from the morning's wind, the salt filling the inside of my lips. I chatted with a young psychology student who was eager to start university in Athens in the fall, and met an animated shop owner with warm, brown eyes, who told me about her grandchildren. There is so much beauty in the people who cross our paths.

The Varrias' table at Alea Apartments. A home that breathes love and bursts with creativity, its intricate details adorning every corner and bed post. Hand painted stones by Kyria Maria Varrias.

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