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The Eternal City Under the Stars

The most perfect day has ended so quickly, and evening has set in Roma. After walking all around the cobblestoned streets from the Colosseum, The Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, gelato, shopping, laughing, and Italian heat, Andreea and I are tired, hungry, and ready to eat (yet again). Tanino, who has been working at Ristorante Dillà where he is a sommelier, has so kindly invited us to come and visit him, and try some of the wonderful, traditional Italian delicacies the restaurant offers.

Tanino greets us with a huge smile at the doorway. The place is so unique, quaint, while having a modern almost artist-loft feel. The floors are reminiscent of a bustling Parisian cafe, with Italian charm. Andreea is introducing me to Tanino's coworkers, as I try my hardest to pretend I know what's going on. I ask her how to say "nice to meet you," in Italian and a coworker of Tanino's is patient enough to scrawl it on our table cloth--"Piacere di conocierti," and I repeat it 10 times and the at least 25 more times throughout the rest of the day.

Crisp white wine, prosciutto, parmesean and various cheeses with honey, and the most delicious plate of spaghetti with pesto sauce, and fresh focaccia are just a mere starters. Andreea turns to me and says, "We can't eat again today." Dishes of meat baked in clay pots with a deep red wine sauce follow, with cappuccino to finish us off. The food delicious, the atmosphere amazing. The staff, so friendly and attentive. For any visitor or local, Ristorante Dillà is a MUST.

Night finds us perusing the outskirts of Trastevere, along the Tiber river. Tanino, Andreea, and I navigate our way through the crowds of families, lovers, friends, and tourists buying Italian preserves, feasting on cotton candy, or enjoying a Margherita pizza and a Peroni. The summer city air is alive with lights and excitement, and although it's my last evening in Rome, I know I will find my way back once more.

Ristorante Dillà Roma

Via Mario de' Fiori, 41

00187 Roma, Italy

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