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How to Spark Inspiration When You’re Not Feelin’ It

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Missing that sunshine, fresh air, or the absolute adrenaline rush in the pit of your stomach when you step on a plane in anticipation of the adventure that awaits you? It's Winter, it's depressing, and it's got us all feeling like we'd rather hibernate for a long winter's nap than be the productive creators of our own destinies.

We seek inspiration in the places we feel most alive, most passionate, and completely unconfined. It is there that we find the words, ideas, and deep inner motivation for anything from applying to that dream job you've been putting off, to finally mustering the strength to make an excruciating life-altering choice. If only I could teleport to my breathless Greek oceans every time I've had a writing deadline, or a thesis on scientific research methods and quantitative analysis (still not quite sure how I came out alive on that one...). The picture above is from a summer in Greece where I spent a lot of time writing by the ocean in the Southern area of the Peloponisso. My hand couldn't write fast enough--I was overflowing with vision, creativity, and ignited by a country I love so dearly. So what do you do when you can't be in the place, physically or emotionally, which allows you the inspiration and drive to do what you need to?

You create it.

Identify What Makes Your Soul Sing

We all know what our hearts need, and what makes us happy as human beings, but sometimes we need a little reminding. Take an hour or two during the week to seek out new activities, classes you haven't tried, or even a different route to work. You'd be surprised at how your perspective and mood can lighten just by a conversation with someone new, or a salsa class you never thought you'd take. Once you identify common denominators that you find enjoyable in all of these things, you're one step closer to feeding your soul.

Design Your Corner

It could be a tiny alcove, a desk, a room, an entire house--whatever it is, make it yours. Decorate this area with photos, books, paintings, music, and memories that have made you feel the most exuberant, overflowing joy. These things remind you of who you are and the moments you've felt the most happiness, peace, and love. For me, my 'corner' is my desk which has little mementos of places around the world, framed photos and tiny rocks from my favorite beaches in Greece, plus coffee cups in every size (I can't stop collecting them--help!).

Find Your Peace

Switch on some tunes that put you right back in a perfect balance of harmony and productivity, find your corner, clear your head on a Sunday afternoon, and gather all those pieces of yourself that make you the fighter, and unique beautiful soul that you are--sometimes surrounding ourselves in a positive environment, with the things which remind us of the places and moments that have brought us the most bliss, are enough to scrape up just enough spark to get through any slump.

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