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Eze, The Jewel of the Côte D'azure

Merely a day before we were in Lucerne, Switzerland, taking the train back to Zurich and quietly sipping our morning cappuccinos. The views from the window, across the Swiss countryside, rolled by like scenes from an old film. My passport was clutched tightly in my hands, knowing the next big adventure awaits, my heart leaping with adrenaline and already yearning for more. 

Once in Zurich, we hopped on our flight to Nice, France, arriving only to find that the rental car place was closed and we had to drag our suitcases across gravel down at least a half a mile while we screamed at each other that we weren't going the right way.

An hour later we reached our Airbnb in Nice. Although not impressed with Nice, we chose it for the ease of exploring the French Riviera. Just a note, the city is strict with street parking and there often isn't a place to easily leave your car--all things to keep in mind when scouting accommodations.

Rested and ready to conquer after a night's rest, we used the car's GPS in French and set out to...Eze! Eze is a magical Alpes-Maritimes town in Southeastern France. A tiny area, this charming town rests on a hilltop on the Cote d’Azur. About 40 minutes from Nice to Eze, you can also take the 82 or 112 bus. Both stop at Eze Village, and from there it’s only a short climb to the top.

Espresso in hand, we started at the bottom of the fortress, the gardens and lush greenery lining a windy pathway to the mountain's peak. Cobblestone streets led us to the luxury Chateau de la Chevre d'Or hotel, awaiting visitors like a dreamer's paradise (Walt Disney even paid a visit to this splendid hotel). 

Tiny cacti thrive in the Mediterranean heat, amongst winding art galleries and beautiful statues. The ruins of this castle city remain, sprinkling history amongst present day. Once reaching the top of this small castle city, the view of the French Riviera was breathtaking. Salt air filled my mouth and breezed through my hair, as a storm rolled in the distance. The Eglise Notre Dame de l’Assomption, built in the 18th century, was strong and fierce in the thunderous skies, it’s clock tower gleaming. 

May 2018

Admission: 6 euro

Eze Village, France

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